Heightened by tragedy and final triumph, this story chronicles Dorothy Kissell’s soul searching, learning to cope, and finally understanding her emotions, helping her to heal. It has been a humbling experience, struggling to overcome tragedy, but she now feels grateful to have found a new beginning by reinventing her world.
Joe Gwerder speaks about listening to that little voice, having a gut feeling and getting certain vibes in his three book series: “Listening Without Your Ears”, “Listen Out Loud” and “20/20 Listening”. Following your own intuition and his methods, you will simply be asked to open your mind and heart and contemplate this information.
Craig MacFarlane tells a remarkable story and shares the incredible lessons his experience taught him. Craig takes the amazing story of his success and uses it as a backdrop to demonstrate the framework that has led to a successful, enviable life. To appreciate this book, you need to understand that Craig MacFarlane is totally blind. The victim of a horrible tragedy at the age of two that cost him his eyesight, Craig has forged an awesome life., Craig proceeded to become the World's Most Celebrated Totally Blind Athlete, using his athletic opportunities as the vehicle to establish himself in the "sighted" world and as the launching pad for an impressive 30 year career in the world of business