A New Beginning
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Samantha Ringle is your average fourth grader—or so you might think. She loves winter and all it brings: fluffy snowflakes, warm clothes, igloos, ice skating, cocoa, and snowball fights with friends. But in a heartbeat, everything she thinks she knows about winter will change.

Samantha has just made a new friend—a snowflake fairy princess named Rebecca who needs her help. In her home world of Freeze-Land, life was once joyful, and laughter rang through the streets—until the darkest day in its history, when Santa Claus died in a freak accident.

Now an evil warrior named Lord Ninstragger is in charge. A dark sun shoots dark rays into a sky filled with tiny black rocks and even black snowflakes. Everywhere she looks, she sees darkness and danger. Goblins blow fountains of smoke, working with black rain clouds to keep out the light. Lord Ninstragger wants the world to be as sad as it can be, and he’s succeeding.

If there is any hope that joy can return to their world, the Freezians know they need a champion, and Samantha is just the girl for the job. She’s filled with confidence that she can save her friend—but will her confidence and new superpowers be enough to save her friend’s world? Six earlier champions have failed, and Samantha is Freeze-Land’s last hope. Can Samantha defeat Lord Ninstragger and his ninstings?

“Yay! It’s Christmas!” I screamed excitedly running downstairs to the Christmas tree downstairs at the same time as Jake.

“Merry Christmas, Dad! Merry Christmas, Mom! Merry Christmas, Jake!” I said cheerfully on my way to the living room.

I was running to the gifts under the Christmas tree when Jake tapped me on my shoulder and pointed to the windows.

I gasp escaped my mouth as I stared out in amazement. It was then and there that I finally saw the snow that I had been anticipating, for so long!

I scrambled up running to my room and went straight to my closet. I hurriedly put on my winter clothes and ran outside. Jake followed me with almost as much excitement, but I was wearing the crown of enthusiasm at that moment.

“Yay!” I said, as we jumped around in the snow and made snow angels.

We built a snowman and had a quick snowball fight, until Jake finally said, “I’m going inside. It’s too chilly out here. I don’t want to catch a cold.”

“Suit yourself!” I said with a giggle still in my happy bubble.

I was busy adding a few changes to the snowman when I started to hear something. In the beginning I thought I was imagining someone calling my name, but when I looked around, no one was in sight, so I ignored it and continued work on my snowflake.

And then all of a sudden, a snowflake hovered right in front of my face. “Hello!” it said looking really anxious.

It was beautiful because it wasn’t your usual snowflake. It had a pair of beautiful glassy wings which made it look like a snow fairy. Not that I’d ever seen one before, but I always kept my mind open for imagination.

She was adorable. Her tiny eyes were sky blue and her smile went all the way to her ears.

Even though she was beautiful I was quite frightened.

Run! I thought out loud, ready to run for my life.

“No! Please don’t run away! Please!” the snowflake fairy pleaded softly. “I won’t hurt you. I promise. In fact, I’m so small I can’t hurt anything.” She added with a smile.

I stared at it for a while, trying to process what was going on.


Huda Ayaz is in the fourth grade. Her favorite subject is English, and she loves reading and writing. An avid reader, it was her love of the written word and her parents’ encouragement that inspired her to create her own stories. She and her family live in Brooklyn, New York.

To contact Huda Ayaz, you can email her at hudatheauthor@gmail.com or like her page on Facebook: Huda Ayaz.

I like the book and the title. Especially surprised to know the writer is just a baby while she writes in a very attractive way. May she get success in her life. Good wishes for this young girl from all of my family.
Rashid Meer 
This was an AMAZING book! i read it with my nine year old daughter and she loved it. I still can't believe a nine year old wrote this. It's impressive and inspiring. Hopefully, my daughter will learn something from this. I would definitely recommend this for kids around the age of seven to twelve.

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