The Sexy Little Book of Finance III
The Sexy Little Book of Finance III
Perfect Bound Softcover
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THIS BOOK IS RATED “G” as in gee I wish I did this stuff sooner. No matter what stage in life you are at, no matter how much or how little money you have, whether you’re a family, individual, small or mid-size business you need a plan…and a good book to help get you there, that’s why this book is a MUST.

Reader’s Favorite 5 star review - Whether it is personal or business or both, you need a plan. The Sexy Little Book of Finance III is a simple and easy to follow guide which leads the reader through the necessary steps in each of five areas in order to help plan and execute their goals; Estate Planning, Budgeting, Retirement Budget, Investments, and small to mid-size Business. The workbook is as easy as filling in the blanks on a form with excellent guidance from the author. Straight forward, easy to use and excellent advice makes this a book that will provide an excellent return in knowledge for a very small investment of time. The Sexy Little Book of Finance III

In retirement, the goal is to live off your assets not on them-Spend and replenish…

Other books by the Author: The Procrastinators Bible for Financial Success, Seminar Sales and Marketing, Plan Ahead Protect Your Estate and Investments, the sexy little book of finance I & II.

BOOK 1: Estate Planning Control your destiny

Whether you’re a family, individual, small or mid-size business-You work hard, save and invest wisely, but alas, you never thought about what happens to your family when you’re dead if you are not prepared? Not exactly a pleasant thought (or one we think about on a regular basis), but a necessary one for sure. The consequences for not being prepared can be quite devastating. If you don’t have health care or investment proxies, a valid specific will or trust (without one you die intestate-without a will when your family goes to probate court, there is no direction (no will to read) so potentially the state takes over for all your affairs-not a pleasant process), have you named your beneficiaries to all of your life insurance policies, 401K and IRA’S? You need to change your will (your will overrides your beneficiary designations), ,and a business succession plan-what happens to your business and family?

Generally not much gets action gets done until the need arises through some type of crisis, family issues, law suits, hospital bills, death etc. It is also understandable in today’s busy environment, both spouses working, weekends and evenings with kid’s activities, and trying to survive in the business environment. I know, I have changed my business profile and what I do and how I do it many times.

So you need an easy method to help no matter what stage you are in for investing, estate planning, and budgeting.

My combined workbook will guide you through Probate, trusts, understanding duties of executors and trustees, living wills; power of attorney’s in an easy fill-in-the-blanks approach, budgeting, and investing. It starts with a plan (in writing); I made it real easy (Hint: just fill in the blanks) add a little knowledge (which I provide), common sense (you have to apply), and research (I show you where and how). Life changes happen all the time, you need all the information this book provides to make and update proper decisions on investments, estate planning, budgeting and succession issues.

One major issue very few people prepare for: Medicaid and the consequences of financial devastation to you and your family, we will dispel the myths, and help you understand the difference between qualifying and countable assets, and the 5 year look back provision for wills and trusts.

This information is important for your accountant, your attorney, your broker, you, and your family.

So let’s get started. Financial success doesn’t just happen; it takes hard work, good organizational skills, planning, execution, review, and revision when necessary. I prefer financial success to financial stress.

It’s not just your future, or your money, it is preparing your family for the future.

Frank J. Eberhart, CEP®, RFC®, is a Certified Estate Planner and Registered Financial Consultant. He holds several securities licenses and owns his own securities firm. He’s also the author of: The Sexy Little Book of Finance I & II, The Procrastinator’s Bible for Financial Success, Plan Ahead Protect Your Estate, and  Seminar Marketing & Sales Training.


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