Percy’s Imperfectly Perfect Family
Percy’s Imperfectly Perfect Family
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Your children may not understand what the word divorce means, but they understand how it makes them feel. Their little worlds are turned upside down. Percy the perky penguin feels the exact same way when he learns that his parents are no longer going to live together. Even though he has lots of friends and does well in school, he suddenly doesn’t feel so perky anymore. But he explores his concerns about what life will be like, and he learns that talking about his fears helps him work through his feelings. Change is hard, but he decides to adjust and find his perkiness again. Percy’s fears and those of other children stuck in the middle of a divorce may sometimes seem trivial to adults, but they’re very real. While you can’t promise them things won’t change, you can work as hard as you can to make sure they’re happy. It will take listening to them and talking with them—and starting a conversation becomes much easier with Percy’s Imperfectly Perfect Family.

Your children may not understand what the word divorce means but they understand how it makes them feel. Their little worlds are turned upside down. What may seem trivial to adults are very real fears for children. I hope that Percy's Imperfectly Perfect Family can assist you in talking to your children about life after divorce. I hope it will help children understand that while different may be scary, it can still be happy. We can't promise our children perfect lives but we can make them feel loved by talking to them, laughing with them, and embracing them often.

Renée C. Bauer is an experienced family law attorney and mediator. She also represents children in divorce and custody cases. This topic has touched her life professionally and personally. She lives in Connecticut with her son, Ethan, and dog, Sparky.

Love Love this book, So cuddle up and get cozy with the help of Percy and his friends your child will be comforted to know that they are not alone with their concerns and fears of the unknown. This book will help them understand that change is not always a bad thing. Percy's Imperfectly Perfect Family is a must read for any couple with young children that is going through a divorce. Three cheers to the author of this book and her little helper. Wishing good things for all the Percy's out there.
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