The Flying Dragon
The Flying Dragon
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No one can resist Victoria Leung. She's beautiful, brilliant, and fearless. Since leaving the fraud department of the Hong Kong Police, she has enjoyed her new status as senior detective at Pegasus, an international security firm based in London. She climbed the ladder by taking down Sun Hung Kai Properties' Kwok Brothers, a real estate empire, and earned the nickname “The Flying Dragon” in the process.

On an otherwise typical morning, Victoria receives a panicked message from her close friend Diana Yu asking for help: Diana's ex-lover, Henry Chang, is in grave danger. Bertrand Wilmington, head of the derivative trading desk of a global bank, has fallen from a window of the twenty-second floor trading room, and Henry Chang is somehow involved. Perhaps with Victoria's help they can clear his name and reveal the secret behind Wilmington's death.

While Hong Kong and Mainland authorities attempt to crack the case with little success, Victoria puts her experience as a banking auditor to use. Her expertise is critical in discovering key clues, and she won't back down until she gets answers. As she searches for the truth, The Flying Dragon quickly becomes enmeshed in a web of arrogance, power, money and sexuality. Will she expose the corruption and bring down a financial giant?

Since she left the financial fraud department of the Hong Kong Police Force, Victoria Leung had enjoyed the freedom attached to her new status of senior detective at Pegasus, an international firm headquarted in London.

She did not expect to leave the police so early. She had joined the financial fraud in department in 2007 after having spent five years in investment banking with the powerful China International Trust and Investment Company (CITIC) in Hong Kong. As part of the internal audit department, she had seen close and personal the behaviors of those she called “the sharks”: traders who were not always playing by the rules. CITIC is the most important financial institutions of Mainland China and was owned by the Chinese government. It was that experience that made her decide to pursue a career chasing financial fraud.

Hong Kong was, and still is, at least for a while, the center of Chinese finance. Even the powerful Chinese Army was rumored at some stage to have its pension fund managed and domiciled in Hong Kong. The military leadership knew better than anybody else which risks were attached to keeping financial assets in Mainland China.

When the treaty giving ownership of Hong Kong to the United Kingdom expired, China did not try to change its economic model. Beijing needed a window to the world, and more importantly a convertible and widely accepted currency, the Hong Kong dollar.

Georges Ugeux is a global financier by trade and at heart. He is the former head of the international group at the New York Stock Exchange and the founder of Galileo Global Advisors. Georges is a frequent blogger for The Huffington Post and Le Monde in Paris, and he teaches financial regulation courses at Columbia Law School.


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