The Snuggly House
The Snuggly House
Perfect Bound Softcover
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When Grandma calls her three grandchildren for a story, she tells them about a special, snuggly house. It is a solid, gentle home that protects its owners and remembers the love, sadness, and joy that happen inside its walls.

As it gets older, though, it falls into disrepair. The roof is leaking, and everything is a big mess. The house is no longer strong and snuggly, and it is very sad; it misses being loved and needed. Finally, the house is left empty and for sale. Most people who come to see it only see the flaws and the mess. Will the house ever find a family to fix it up and make it beautiful again?

In this children's story, a grandmother tells the story of a special house that needs a family to love it and care for it--as well as the connection that house has to her family.

"Over the years, the house remembered the people who had lived there. There were grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, and children. The house saw the love the families shared. It listened to the whispers of hopes and dreams. The house felt the families' tears and sad time. It rejoiced at the sounds of laughter and happiness."

"At first, no rain, snow or winds could get in. The house was strong and protected all who lived inside. But over the years, the roof began to leak. Things began to loosen and come undone."

The people who had built the house, didn't live there anymore. Different families came, stayed awhile and then left. With each new family, the house got worse and worse."

"Why didn't the people who lived in the house fix the things that were broken?" asked Treyton.

"I don't know," replied Grandma. "I just know that they didn't. What do you think happened to the house when things stayed broken and they didn't fix the roof leak?" asked Grandma.

About the Author:

Gaylee Warner is a retired surgical nurse and daughter of a career military officer. With her family, she has lived in Morocco, Japan and all over the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. One of her many passions is reading- not only for her own enjoyment but to her three sons when they were little and to children in elementary schools.

About the Illustrator:

C. R. Macomber is a Southern Illinois flatlander. She works as a freelance artist and independent art contractor. Ms. Macomber is a grandmother of eight and fanatic baseball fan. She loves coffee and key lime pie, any type of art and reads a book a week.


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