The Adventures of Franz and Jethro
The Adventures of Franz and Jethro
Ants in the Pants
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Sometimes it's hard to understand what people really mean. For example, what does it mean if someone tells you there are ants in your pants? Are those small creatures really crawling around in your pants? And how did they get there in the first place?

Franz and Jethro are two "brother" dogs, living with a man and a woman in a house with a fenced-in yard and five acres of land. In her book The Adventures of Franz and Jethro: Ants in the Pants, author Jan Gimlin shares what happens when Jethro is told he has ants in his pants. Of course the first question is where are his pants? Being older and more experienced, Franz clues him in and then they go off to find the source of the ants.

The Adventures of Franz and Jethro: Ants in the Pants is written for children between the ages of four and eight, but people of all ages will enjoy the story and illustrations. This funny tale may make you rethink well-known sayings.

"Where are my pants?" said Jethro.

"You don't have any pants. Why do you ask?" said Franz.

"I ask because the man said I have ants in my pants. What does he mean? I'm so confused! Just when I think I understand humans, something like this happens. They say something that makes no sense at all" said Jethro. I know they don't have ants in THEIR pants. I looked and sniffed."

"Well come over here and let me check out your hindquarters, because that's where humans wear their pants, on their hindquarters" said Franz.

At this, Jethro responds "I've never heard that word: hindquarters."

Franz then says "It's a more dignified word for butt. I know this because I'm quite a bit older than you. You'll have to sit if you want me to check you out. I'm a LOT shorter than you." He looks, sniffs, then says "Nope, no ants. There are no ants on your butt."

"Well I could have told you THAT" Jethro replied. "I got bit on the paw once by a big red ant, and I think I'd feel it if one bit me on the butt. But this still doesn't solve my dilemma. How am I supposed to find out what ants in the pants means, if I have no pants and no ants on my butt?"

"I suppose we could go outside and find an ant bed" Franz replies. "Is there one inside the pen out back?"

Jan Gimlin earned a bachelor's degree in art education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) in Weatherford. She is an artist/painter living in Oklahoma with her husband, miniature dachshund and black lab. She also has two grown children.


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