Live, Laugh, Love Like a Teenager
Live, Laugh, Love Like a Teenager
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The teenage years hold more beauty, adventure, heartbreak, and love than any other time in a person's life. Teenagers live the way young people should-carelessly and perhaps even foolishly. Walking us through an amalgam of emotion and experiences is young poet Karina Williams, open to sharing her truth.

Live, Laugh, Love Like a Teenager gives readers a look into what it means and how it feels to be young. Take a journey through the inner workings of teenagers' minds. Sometimes, they break and burn everything in their path; other times, they embrace the gift of life. Every experience, good or bad, leads to the eventual discovery of who they are.

Here, there is depression, heartbreak, and wanderlust--yet, there is also first love and exciting exploits. Smiles hide deep pain, but strong friendships sustain through even the most testing times. Growing from naïve innocence to skepticism, teens become adults, but first, they discover what it really is to live young, laugh often, and love recklessly.

Behind those smiles are too many tears
Tears that have been hiding for too many years
Years that have been bad in too many ways
Ways that keep changing for too many days
Days that drag on for far too long
Too long to hold back things too wrong
Wrong feelings, wrong people, far too much
Too much to hold back, too far to touch
Those unreachable things, too many broken
Broken all because of those words, too many


We were born and raised in a beautiful place
We learned and grew, at a steady pace
Taught to love as we loved to learn
that we only deserve the things we earn.
As we grew older, we got wiser
things made more sense, no need for an advisor.
Then even later, we could look back
"Those were the days, we used to do track."
There were things that we did and people we met;
Sometimes we got a little upset.
Childhood memories, oh, they were good,
but redoing anything... I never would.

A Child

A child's laugh, young and innocent
High, ringing and full of youth
Asking questions about the unknown world
Without getting answers, there lies only a secret
Behind that heart shaped smile

Preteen eyes, saying "catch me if you can"
Running from the past, chasing the future
Ready to take on time and challenge it to run out
Not knowing that life waits for no one
Until it's over

Karina Williams is a high school senior. She's been writing poetry for seven years and plans to attend a four-year university to earn a professional degree while continuing her writing career. She lives in Folsom, California, with her family. This is her first poetry collection.


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