Circumstantial Connections
Circumstantial Connections
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Samantha Matthews has just abruptly resigned from a well-paying job. Now with her life turned upside down, she heads out of town during a rainstorm for a getaway that she hopes will clear her head.

When a series of unexpected events leads her to the home of Edith Bradley, she finds the elderly grandmother in the kitchen pinned by a large tree that has fallen through her roof. As Sam calls for help, she mistakenly believes she is just in the right place at the right time. But as she is about to discover, fate has led her to rescue Edith from much more than just a fallen tree. As Sam, three other women, four men, and Edith are all brought together by a variety of strange happenings that include a runaway wife, a kidnapping, and a shooting, they form strong bonds that lead each of them to realize that even in the worst of circumstances, it truly is possible to create happy connections with complete strangers.

Circumstantial Connections shares the heartwarming tale of nine strangers brought together by unusual twists and turns who learn to trust that life will always lead each of them in the right direction.

Will said to his Grandmother, "Sounds like you have a companion that really cares about you. Good job!"
About that time, there was a loud scraping noise, and the lock gave. Standing in the door were two officers of the ship, and a tiny woman with a very anxious look on her face. She jumped up into the container, and grabbed his grandmother in a bear hug.
"Granny Edie, I have been so worried. I'm sorry it took me so long to figure out your message. Captain Grayson is actually the one that knew what to do. I only put it all together." Turning to Will she said, "You must be William. I have heard a lot about you. But we can talk later. Harry, I saw Granny Edie's walker over by the wall. Would you get it for her, please? Come, dear heart, let's get you up to the clinic. I want Harry to check you over."
Once they were in the clinic, Granny Edie perched on the examining table, and with Harry doing his job, the Captain started asking questions.
"Mr. Brackston, you say that all of the things in those crates actually belong to you, and were taken from your camp at gunpoint? Do you know who did this?"
"Not exactly mine, but to the foundation that gave me the grant to do the dig. Whatever I found there was to be sent to a museum of their choice, or to a university for study. Yes, they came into the camp, and took over. I need to contact the authorities in the town closest to my camp and find out what happened to my workers. The last I saw of them, some had been shot and were on the ground, and some were running into the dessert as fast as they could go. I can tell you this much. The leader was my assistant, Mark Summerfield. I am not sure exactly where he is right now, but the other two are supposed to meet him in Florida. They are still on board this vessel, and are the ones that brought my grandmother down to join me."
"Give me their names, and they will be in the brig before dinner."
"All I ever heard were Bill and Pete, so I can't help you much there."
Captain Grayson went over to the computer sitting on Harry's desk, and typed in a few commands. "We don't seem to have anyone by those names on board. Are you sure they stayed with us?"
Sam walked over to the desk and looked over the captain's shoulder.
"Look, there is a Mr. Billings, who is in the same cabin with a Mr. Peterson. Will, could these two be your friends?"
"I would have to see them to be sure, but it sounds like they could be. Captain, could we go take a look at your passengers?"
Glancing at his watch, Captain Grayson said, "They should all be just sitting down for lunch about now. Come with me."
Sam, spoke up. "Will, I will stay here until I am sure your grandmother is all right. Then we will be in our cabin. Could you meet us there after you see to those two men?"
"Of course. Take good care of her, Doctor Saunders. I can see for myself she has a couple of badly skinned knees, but you should check her out for anything else."
"Sure, and I will, Mr. Brackson. I hope those two spend a lot of time in prison for hurting this wonderful lady. I also want to check you over, just as soon as you finish with those two thieves."
Will and the captain stood just outside the door to the lounge. The captain had brought along four of his crew, and they all looked in at the people seated at the table.
Will pointed to the one on the far right, and said, "That is Pete, and the one on his left is Bill."
As the others stayed just outside and out of sight, Captain Grayson walked up to the men Will had identified, and said, "Mr. Peterson, Mr. Billings, would you come with me, please? There seems to be a question about your cabin that needs to be cleared up."
When they got back outside, Will stepped forward, right in front of Pete.
"How'd ya' get out? I..I..I mean, how are ya'...you?"
"Knock it off, Pete. You do not need to know how I got out. What you do need to know is that I am pressing charges for Grand Theft, with Intent to Murder. That should keep you two locked up until we can sort all this out. For the next few days, you will spend time in Captain Grayson's brig. Enjoy your sea trip."
He followed Captain Grayson, the crew members holding on to Pete and Bill. They put them in the brig and slammed the doors closed. Only then did Will relax. As they were climbing the ladder back to the upper deck, Captain Grayson said to his crew, "You are dismissed. Thank you." Then he said to Will, "Your grandmother and her friend have missed lunch. Bring them to my cabin, and I will have something brought in for all of us."
Will followed the directions he had been given and soon located the right cabin. Knocking on the door, he called out, "This isn't room service, but I know where you can get something to eat. Anybody interested?"
Sam answered the door with a big smile. "We were just discussing that. I believe both of us would like to see what you have to offer. Just let me get Granny Edie's shawl."
As they were walking along the deck, he turned to Sam and asked, "GRANNY EDIE? When did that happen?"
"Long story, I'll tell you sometime. I think she wants to hear more about you right now. Anything else can wait."

Patricia Apelt is an avid reader who is blessed (or cursed) with an active imagination. Although she has been making up stories in her head since she was a little girl, Circumstantial Connections is the first story she has committed to paper. Patricia has five adult children and lives with her husband and four dogs in Poquoson, Virginia.


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