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Often women struggle with shame and doubt while experiencing the adversities of life-particularly when they have no safety net or support from other women in their lives. This is true for Lynelle, Alba, and Tabitha, three very different women who are on the verge of finding their lives intricately and unexpectedly intertwined.

Outwardly, these women have it all together. But Lynelle's fifteen-year marriage is falling apart, while Alba learns that marrying her new husband has not slowed his tendency to react with harsh words and violence. Meanwhile, Tabitha works at a strip club to make ends meet and support her young son. Inwardly, the spirits of all three are slowly crumbling, held in bondage by the pride, lust, anger, and abuse of the men in their lives. But as their lives come together in surprising ways, they may be able to find forgiveness, spirituality, and love of self that can set their hearts, souls, and minds free, once and for all.

In this novel, three women leading troubled lives find themselves connected to each other in ways they could never have imagined.

The Reckoning

".........DADDY!"...... "Baby girl ! It's ok! Just hear me out!"
I stand in my doorway in disbelief feeling in part betrayed by my own father! But I listen , as my father stands in the doorway with my source of hate and explains . "Baby, he came to me at the church with a sincere heart, and as a man of God, I could not turn him away. I believe you should hear him out baby!" He pleaded, "I believe it's going to release you baby."

As I stand in the doorway , I began to feel faint while contemplating letting this mass murderer of my life into my home. I gaze into my daddy's trusting eyes, and I can see Jesus. And with that I suddenly feel a calm that envelopes my entire being head to toe. I look over my daddy's shoulder and spy HIM cowering behind my father as if he's being protected. I can see fear and shame within his eyes. I also see an unusual softened countenance on his face. One I've never seen before.
I know my daddy would not have brought this excuse of a man to my doorstep if there had not been some sort of soul shaking change within him. God has a way of doing things in your life where you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that's it's nothing or no one else but GOD!
I decide to step aside , and I let them come in.

Holli Edmerson-Cameron is an accomplished writer , she has written published poetry for the National Children's Review publication , a play entitled Your Life Is Not Yours To Take, which was performed throughout Kentucky and Indiana, and is also currently a Free Lance columnist for a National women's empowerment magazine . She is a loving Wife, Mother, and Grandmother as well as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Owner/Operator of Posh Posh Club Child Development Center located in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

This was an absolute page turner! The characters were amazing and their stories or so thought-provoking. Cannot wait for the sequel! Thank you!

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